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ed. A.P. Fordy and J.C. Wood

Harmonic maps and integrable systems

Originally published in the series: Aspects of Mathematics, vol. E23, by Vieweg, Braunschweig/Wiesbaden, 1994; now out of print. Click on any chapter to obtain the postscript version. All papers are unchanged except as indicated


Introduction and background material

Introduction, p. 3

A historical introduction to solitons and Bäcklund tranformations, A.P. Fordy, p. 7

Harmonic maps into symmetric spaces and integrable systems, J.C. Wood, p. 29

The geometry of surfaces

The affine Toda equations and miminal surfaces, J. Bolton and L. Woodward, p. 59
Equations (4.2) on p. 73 corrected

Surfaces in terms of 2 by 2 matrices: Old and new integrable cases, A.I. Bobenko, p. 83
Pictures now included in file (in slightly different positions on page)

Integrable systems, harmonic maps and the classical theory of solitons, M. Melko and I. Sterling, p. 129
Pictures now included in file as original

Sigma and chiral models

The principal chiral model as an integrable system, M. Mañas, p. 147

2-dimensional nonlinear sigma models: Zero curvature and Poisson structure, M. Bordemann, M. Forger, J. Laartz and U. Schäper, p. 175

Sigma models in 2+1 dimensions, R.S. Ward, p. 193

The algebraic approach

Infinite dimensional Lie groups and the two-dimensional Toda lattice, I. McIntosh, p. 205

Harmonic maps via Adler-Kostant-Symes theory, F.E. Burstall and F. Pedit, p. 221

Loop group actions on harmonic maps and their applications, M.A. Guest and Y. Ohnita, p. 273

The twistor approach

Twistors, nilpotent orbits and harmonic maps, P.Z. Kobak, p. 295


Index of terms used in the articles, p. 323

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