Research Training Network

EU Research Training Network

(Quadratic Numerical Range, by Christiane Tretter et al) (St Petersburg workshop, by Elena Novikova) (Biarritz, by Marinus Kaashoek)

Classical Analysis, Operator Theory, Geometry of Banach spaces, their interplay and their applications

Contract No. HPRN-CT-2000-00116

Duration: June 1st 2000 to May 31st 2004

Main Coordinator:   Jean Esterle (

The principal nodes of the network, with main contact persons, are as follows:

Amsterdam: Marinus Kaashoek (
Barcelona: Joaquim Bruna (
Bordeaux: Nikolai Nikolski (
Dublin: Stephen Gardiner (
Leeds: Jonathan Partington (
Paris: Yves Raynaud (
St.Petersburg: Sergei Kislyakov (
Tel Aviv: Aharon Atzmon (
Trondheim: Kristian Seip (
Vienna: Heinz Langer (

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Brief description of the project
Annex I to the contract
Full list of participating teams

Database of the project

First annual report, June 2000 to May 2001 (DVI)
Second annual report, June 2001 to May 2002 (DVI)
Mid-term report, November 2002 (DVI) (PDF)
Third annual report, June 2002 to May 2003 (DVI)
Final report, July 2004

Coordinator's report to European Congress of Mathematics, Stockholm, July 2004 (PDF)

Preprint database

First general meeting, St Petersburg, May 13-17 2001
Second general meeting, Biarritz, May 2-7 2002
Third general meeting, Tenerife, May 21-26 2003. Programme (PDF) (huge file)
Fourth general meeting, Dalfsen, the Netherlands, May 1-7 2004. Pictures Some transparencies (PDF)

Postdoc workshop, Bordeaux, January 17-18 2002. Programme (DVI), Abstracts (DVI)
Postdoc workshop, Paris, November 21-22 2002. Programme (DVI)
Pre/postdoc workshop, Paris, January 22-23 2004. Programme (text) Abstracts (DVI)

Spaces of Analytic Functions and Applications, Trondheim, July 2-4 2003
Invariant Subspaces, Leeds, July 3-5 2003
Operator Theory and Applications, Amsterdam, August 20-22 2003
Bergman Spaces and Related Topics in Complex Analysis, Barcelona, November 20-23 2003

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