Department of Pure Mathematics
Logic Seminar 2001

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Autumn term 2001

12 December 2001
Martin Otto (Swansea) Issues in the finite model theory of guarded logics

5 December 2001
Two seminars today ! 4.00pm Classroom J Timothy Mellor (Leeds) Imaginaries in real closed fields 1.45pm Classroom J Victor Selivanov (Novosibirsk) Positive Structures

21 November 2001
Ben Gibbons (Leeds) Relating the Veblen and the first Mahlo hierarchy

14 November 2001
Martin Hyland (Cambridge) Games: Composition of Strategies

7 November 2001
Two seminars today ! 1.45pm Classroom J Rod Downey (Wellington) Reals and randomness 4pm Classroom J Peter Hinman (Ann Arbor) Density of Medvedev degrees of  01 classes

24 October 2001
Harold Simmons (Manchester) Representing numeric gadgets over weak number objects

17 October 2001
久馬 栄道 (Eido Kyuma) (Aichi-gakuin University) The formalized gadget computer

10 October 2001
Thorsten Altenkirch (Nottingham) Functions for free representations of first order function types as terminal coalgebras

The lectures will be held on Wednesdays at 4 pm in room J,
Mathematics building. Tea at 3.30 pm.

Michael Rathjen

Summer term 2001

19 June 2001
Vladimir Tolstykh (Kemerovo) ``Free algebras of infinite rank whose automorphism groups interpret set theory'' Tuesday !

30 May 2001
S. Wainer (Leeds) ``Computational complexity via proof-theoretic complexity'' This talk will be given in room D on level 10 !

23 May 2001
M. Giorgi (Leeds) ``Continuity in degree structures'' This talk will be given in room D on level 10 !

16 May 2001
P. Taylor (QMW) ``Well-founded coalgebras:
trying to understand ordinals and replacement categorically''

9 May 2001
B. Zilber (Oxford) ``The logic of complex exponentiation and transcendental number theory''

2 May 2001
W. Hodges (QMW) ``Set-theoretic definability of algebraic constructions;
an old problem solved''

Lectures will take place in room J or D of the Mathematics Building at 4.00pm
with tea beforehand at 3.30pm.

Stanley S.Wainer

Spring term 2001

21 March 2001
Prof. Charles Steinhorn (Vassar College) ``On properties that yield close-to-tame expansions of real closed fields''

14 March 2001
D. Llewellyn-Jones (Birmingham) ``Automorphisms of Presburger Groups''

28 February 2001
V. Sazonov (Manchester Metropolitan) ``Bounded (Hyper) Set Theory, Descriptive Complexity and Web-like Databases''

21 February 2001
J.K. Truss (Leeds) ``A notion of rank in set theory without choice''

14 February 2001
S. Ishmukhametov (Ulyanovsk) ``On some problems in the Turing degrees''

Lectures take place in Room J of the Mathematics Building at 4pm.
Tea beforehand at 3.30pm.

Stanley S.Wainer
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