Department of Pure Mathematics
Logic Seminar 2003

Spring Term 2003
22 January
Spiros Bousbouras
Investigations around the finite spectrum problem
29 January
Robin Knight
The Vaught Conjecture
Robin Knight will also give a Pure Mathematics Colloquium on Vaught's conjecture for a more general audience on Jan 30th at 4 pm in room H.
5 February
Ian Hodkinson
(Imperial College, London)
Finite Model Property for Guarded Fragments, and Extending Partial Isomorphisms
12 February
Katherine Thompson
(University of East Anglia)
$\kappa$-scattered orders and a poset hierarchy
19 February
Sergei Tupailo
On the intuitionistic strength of monotone inductive definitions
26 February
Paul Bankston
Hereditarily indecomposable continua via model theory
19 March
Andrew Lewis
Aspects of complementing in the Turing degrees
2 April 2pm
Steffen Lempp
Lattice embeddings into the computably enumerable Turing degrees - a status survey
Extra Lecture! Note the earlier time
2 April 4pm
Theodore A. Slaman
$\Sigma_1$-bounding and $\Delta_1$-induction
Summer Term 2003
30 April
Iskander Kalimullin
(Kazan State University)
Primitive recursive permutations as generators for computable ones
7 May
Richard Williams
Adding Inductive Definitions to Weak theories
11 June 2pm
Deirdre Haskell
(McMaster and Paris)
Notions of independence in algebraically closed valued fields
Extra Lecture! Note the earlier time
11 June 4pm
Alex Wilkie
On o-minimality
The lectures will be held on Wednesdays at 4 pm in room H,
Mathematics building unless otherwise noted. Tea at 3.30 pm.
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