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Department of Pure Mathematics
Logic Seminar 2005

September 28th
John Mayberry
Closure and embedding in simply infinite systems
October 12th
Klaus Thiel
Constructive Finiteness
October 19th
Dugald Macpherson
Model theory and automorphism groups
November 9th
Michael Rathjen
Models for intuitionistic set theories
November 16th
Anuj Dawar
Preservation properties in classes of finite structures
November 23rd
Roy Dyckhoff
(St. Andrews)
Decision methods for linearly ordered Heyting algebras
November 30th
Martin Ziegler
Red fusion
December 7th
Stan Wainer
Accessible recursive functions

Wednesday November 2nd
SIGLaC half-day meeting on Mathematical Aspects of Computation
with speakers Alan Bundy, Richard Jozsa and Robert Kowalski
1.30--5.00pm in the Staff Meeting Room, Room 9.31, School of Computing
1.00pm Welcome and Buffet Lunch, 3.30pm Tea/Coffee

All lectures - apart from the SIGLaC meeting - will be held on Wednesdays at 4 pm in room H, Mathematics building. Tea at 3.30 pm - all welcome.

April 20th
Yuri Ershov
(Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk State University)
Fine structure of Rodgers semilattices of finite partially ordered sets
May 18th
Lorenz Halbeisen
(Queen's University Belfast / University of Bern)
Cardinal relations in the absence of the Axiom of Choice
May 25th
Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh
(University of Quebec at Montreal, visiting Oxford)
An algebraic approach to the logic of information flow
June 1st
Noam Greenberg
(University of Notre Dame)
True finiteness in admissible recursion theory

January 26th
Richard Elwes
Asymptotic classes of finite structures
February 2nd
Olivier Lessmann
Uncountable categoricity for tame abstract classes with amalgamation
February 16th
Garth Dales
How to multiply ultrafilters on semigroups
March 2nd
Charles Harris
Lambda Calculus and Enumeration Reducibility
March 9th
Arnold Beckmann
The computational content of dynamic ordinals

Wednesday March 16th
SIGLaC half-day workshop on Mathematical Aspects of Computation
with speakers Jan Bergstra, Gordon Plotkin and Vlatko Vedral
1.30--5.00pm in the Staff Meeting Room, Room 9.31, School of Computing
1.00pm Welcome and Buffet Lunch, 3.30pm Tea/Coffee

Seminar organiser - Michael Rathjen and (until September 2005) John Truss

Past logic seminars - 2004, 2003, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998

Other Seminars

As well as the regular Logic Seminar, there are various occasional seminars associated with individual research subgroups, some of these held jointly with the Manchester logicians.

Computability Seminar Model Theory Seminar Proof Theory Seminar/ LAMPASS

There are also seminars of interest to logicians held within the Computer Science and Philosophy departments. See, for instance, the History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) Seminar Programme, the Philosophy Seminar Programme, and the Informatics Network Seminars.

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