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Department of Pure Mathematics
Logic Seminar 2006

felix September 13th
Felix Costa
A Kleene's Theory of Real Valued Functions
victor October 4th
Victor Selivanov
Theoretical computer science oriented variations on the Wadge reducibility
borovik October 11th
Alexandre Borovik
Permutation groups of finite Morley rank
monika October 18th
Monika Seisenberger
Program Extraction from proofs: Theory and Practice
annelies October 25th
Annelies Gerber
Mathematical models for propositional proof systems and complexity
duncan November 1st
Andrew Duncan
Tarski's conjectures and equations in groups
achim November 8th
Achim Jung
On the bi-topological nature of Stone Duality
bahareh November 15th
Bahareh Afshari
Post's Programme for the Ershov Hierarchy
hasson November 22nd
Assaf Hasson
Some open questions concerning Hrushovski's amalgamation constructions and the classification of strongly minimal geometries
alex December 6th - two seminars:
2.30pm in room G
Alex Wilkie
Adding a multiplicative group to a polynomially bounded structure
philip 4.15pm in room H
Philip Welch
The Inner Model Hypothesis

All lectures - unless indicated otherwise - will be held on Wednesdays at 4 pm in room H, Mathematics building. Tea at 3.40 pm in the Staff Common Room - all welcome.
Seminar organiser - Michael Rathjen

April 26th
Gerhard Jäger
Remarks on operational set theory
May 10th
2pm - Paul Taylor
Computable Real Analysis without Set Theory or Turing Machines
4pm - Vadim Puzarenko
Computability over Admissible Sets
July 12th
Alexandra A. Soskova
Degree Spectra of Structures
Copy of slides (pdf file)

Friday January 13th, 2pm in Maths. Classroom G
Thomas Scanlon
(U.C. Berkeley)
Solution of Pop's Conjecture
February 1st
Anand Pillay
Model theory - pure and applied
February 8th
Jeffrey Burdges
(Manchester and Lyon)
Genericity arguments in connected groups of finite Morley rank
February 15th
Andreas Weiermann
The Ackermann function in finite combinatorics
February 22nd
Jonathan Kirby
Using model theory to solve equations
March 1st
Robert Lubarsky
(Florida Atlantic University)
Dedekind and Cauchy Reals in Intuitionistic Set Theories
March 15th
Barry Cooper
A Logical Overview of Natural Computation
March 22nd
John Truss
Some homogeneous and partially homogeneous structures

Wednesday March 8th
SIGLaC half-day meeting on Mathematical Aspects of Computation
with speakers Alan Selman and others
1.30--5.00pm in the Staff Meeting Room, Room 9.31, School of Computing
1.00pm Welcome and Buffet Lunch, 3.30pm Tea/Coffee

Past logic seminars - 2005, 2004, 2003, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998

Other Seminars

As well as the regular Logic Seminar, there are various occasional seminars associated with individual research subgroups, some of these held jointly with the Manchester logicians.

Computability Seminar Model Theory Seminar Proof Theory Seminar/ LAMPASS

There are also seminars of interest to logicians held within the Computer Science and Philosophy departments. See, for instance, the History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) Seminar Programme, the Philosophy Seminar Programme, and the Informatics Network Seminars. The
Pure Postgraduate Seminar
also features talks of interest to logicians.

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