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E-mail: j.c.wood@leeds.ac.uk
Telephone: 0113 34 35106
Address: School of Mathematics
Research Group: Geometry


  1. Book by P. Baird and J.C. Wood:
    Harmonic morphisms between Riemannian manifolds

  2. My research papers | curriculum vitae including research interests (in pdf)

  3. Downloadable version of Harmonic maps and integrable systems, ed. A.P. Fordy and J.C. Wood

  4. Slides of a general talk on harmonic morphisms

  5. Some new results on old constructions of harmonic maps
    Composite talk on Jacobi fields along harmonic maps and completely explicit constructions of harmonic maps into the unitary group and related spaces

  6. Slides of a talk: New results on twistor lifts of harmonic maps including maps into G2/SO(4)

  7. My 60th birthday conference including photos

  8. Conference on Harmonic morphisms, harmonic maps and related topics, Brest, July 1997.
    Table of contents of the proceedings in postscript or in HTML.
    The proceedings are published by CRC Press; click here for their publicity.

  9. Harmonic morphisms and harmonic maps, Luminy, May/June 2001.
    Conference photograph by Luc Lemaire (in JPEG format)

  10. Harmonic morphisms bibliography

  11. Former Research Fellow: Martin Svensson

  12. Former Research Students:

  13. Yorkshire and Durham Geometry Days

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