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Introduction to Functional Analysis

Vladimir V. Kisil


  1. Motivating example: Fourier series.
  2. Basics of metric spaces: boundedness, convergence, continuity, compactness.
  3. Banach spaces (basic definitions only).  Hilbert spaces. Subspaces. Linear spans.
  4. Orthogonal expansions. Bessel’s inequality. The Riesz–Fischer theorem. Orthogonal complements.
  5. Fourier series. Fejér’s theorem. Parseval’s formula.
  6. Dual space of a normed space. Self-duality of Hilbert space.
  7. Linear operators. B(H) as a Banach space. Adjoints. Hermitian, unitary and normal operators.
  8. The spectrum of an operator on a Hilbert space. The spectral radius formula.
  9. Compact operators. Hilbert–Schmidt operators.
  10. The spectral theorem for compact normal operators.
  11. Applications to integral equations.
  12. Normed spaces, bounded linear operators on a Banach space, dual spaces, Hahn-Banach theorem, Zorn’s lemma. Use of sequence spaces. The Banach space C(X) for a compact space X.
  13. Basic measure theory, up to the construction of the Lebesgue measure on the real line. Complex measures. Dominated convergence theorem. Product measures. Fubini theorem. Measurable functions.
  14. Definition of spaces of Lebesgue integrable functions, and proof that with the standard norm they form a Banach space. Dual spaces. The Radon-Nikodym Theorem. The conjugate index theorem.
  15. The Banach space M(X) of regular Borel measures on a compact space X. Proof that the dual of C(X) is M(X).
  16. Introduction to abelian Fourier analysis.
  17. Advances of metric spaces: fixed point of contractions, Baire categories, semi-norms.


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Figure 1: A family of Fejér kernels with the parameter m running from 0 to 9 is on the left picture. For a comparison unregularised Fourier kernels are on the right picture. Animated version is here

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